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Of Course supports entrepreneurs and executives with various coaching services. View the full range of services below.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Of Course helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop the right entrepreneurial skills with results-oriented coaching and the Entrepreneur Scan.

Diamond coaching

Of Course’s Diamond Coaching is a high quality one-to-one Executive Coaching programme for ambitious board members.

10-20 day Success Programme

Specially geared towards start-ups, scale-ups and businesses looking to expand. This group programme makes your business more successful and offers an opportunity for participating entrepreneurs to learn from one another.

Executive Coach Edwin Haring

Edwin Haring is an Executive Coach at Of Course. Edwin actively listens to how you see yourself in your executive role and in your business. We teach you to look at yourself and your organisation honestly and to expand your focus. By conquering your fears, you open new doors.

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Edwin Haring

Executive Coach Soraya Geerdink

Soraya Geerdink is an Executive Coach at Of Course. She is a psychologist who specialises in positive psychology. Positive psychology has shown that when people enjoy a high level of emotional, social and psychological wellbeing, they are able to function better in our competitive society. Soraya helps you discover how you can increase your sense of wellbeing. With her clear vision, Soraya also assists with unpacking complex situations and where necessary, coaches DGAs and employees in making difficult decisions in their lives.

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Soraya Geerdink

More information about Executive Coach & Business Coaching

If you would like to know more about how Of Course’s coaching services can contribute to the success of your business, contact us with no obligation.