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Of Course is more than a specialist and financial consultancy. We would like entrepreneurs to see their companies from a different perspective. Administration and figures are an important instrument for managing your company. We believe your figures are closely related to the way you behave as an entrepreneur. That is why we always look at the business as well as the entrepreneur; these are channels of communication. By coaching and advising you, we proactively support you in achieving the results you desire.

Do you have the confidence to take an honest look at yourself and your business? Then you have come to the right place.

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Would you like to work for Of Course?

Due to growth in our activities, we are always looking for new talent. Based in Houten and Amsterdam, Of Course is a high quality company with a personal touch.


Of Course Houten & Amsterdam

Of Course combines various services and operates with the conviction that it only genuinely ‘works’ if it originated based on your raison d’etre and essence. We help you with that. You are welcome to join us for a no obligation chat in which we promise to inspire and delight you.

Ondernemerwijzer is an Of Course brand.